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Client: Brenda Cook / The Coffee Gourmand
What We Did: HTML/CSS, PHP, WordPress Customization, Content Management System, WooCommerce, Inbound Marketing

Brenda Cook is an independent Organo Gold associate who realized that she needed to brand herself to stand out from the thousands of other associates out there. Ms. Cook contacted Sudymo Web Services and we set to work creating a whole brand for her: The Coffee Gourmand.

TheCoffeeGourmand.com website is the first step in the inbound marketing plan. To help keep costs down, we used a customized version of WordPress’s Twenty Thirteen theme; fortunately, the shades of brown colour scheme worked fantastically for a coffee-themed website. Since the primary purpose of the website is intended to be lead generation, we added calls to action and landing pages designed to entice clicks and capture information.

Finally, we utilized the popular ecommerce plugin WooCommerce to create a product catalogue. This isn’t a typical use for WooCommerce but we decided to use it this way for several reasons: the product catalogue layout is familiar to anyone who’s ever shopped online, it integrates well with the Twenty Thirteen theme, requiring a minimum of customization, and if she ever decides to switch over the a direct sales model the functionality is already available and will only require updating a few settings to enable full ecommerce capabilities.

Positioning herself as an expert in the space, Ms. Cook is now set to dominate her niche: healthy gourmet coffee (for a lot less than you’ll pay at Starbucks).