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Client: Fiftie's Diner
What We Did: Web Design, Mobile-Friendly, WordPress, Content Management System, HTML/CSS

Fiftie’s Diner had a problem: nobody could find them.

See, about a year-and-a-half ago, they had to move. They found a new location but the renovations to the space took almost a year. During that time, their old website was shut down by their previous website developer. So when they finally re-opened at their new location, they had no website to announce the grand re-opening.

Adding to this, directories such as Yelp, FourSquare, and YellowPages.ca, which could have led customers to their new location, still showed the old location, and many of the directories refused to update the listing without a website to verify the new address. That’s when Fiftie’s Diner called Sudymo Web Services.

We developed a new website which matched their carefully-planned 50’s theme. The site looks great and they’re ecstatic with it, but what was really important with this website can’t be seen by most site visitors. We researched and implemented the necessary metadata to make sure that the directories, as well as search engines like Google and Bing, would pick up all the correct information regarding the location, hours, and menu.

This is where we’d like to divert off into a minor rant: Why do so many website developers think it’s okay to add the menu to a restaurant’s website just by uploading a huge PDF? Not only are you making it harder for search engines to index the site, you’re also forcing mobile users to use up their limited data cap, just to decide if they want to visit the restaurant! Close to 80% of all visits to restaurant websites come from mobile devices: people who are already out, and have already decided they want to go to a restaurant! All those people want to know is where you are, what food you serve, and if a reservation is needed and how to make one. This isn’t rocket surgery, yet time and again we see this on restaurant websites.

Fiftie’s Diner’s new website has none of these problems. Its mobile-friendly version is easy to navigate, so information that typical mobile visitors are looking for is right at their fingertips, and everywhere the phone number appears on the website, it’s click-to-call enabled. Touch the phone number on the screen and you’re dialing their number. How’s that for mobile convenience?

P.S.: When you’re in Oakville, be sure to stop by Fiftie’s Diner. The food is great, and reasonably priced. Ask for Evangelos (Ev) and let him know you found the diner thanks to Sudymo Web Services.